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Web Document Management

OfficeClip Web Document Sharing enables uploaded documents to be accessed by individuals depending on the pre-defined access of that individual. Using the OfficeClip Web Document Sharing your organization will assist your staff to:

  • Upload documents easily (with or without attachments) for storage in the server and retrieval
  • Create folders to organize documents in different access and control hierarchies
  • Lock documents to prevent accidental overwrite or deletion, and users can securely share documents with external users
  • Create and edit roles to refine and control access rights for organization members (for administrators)
  • Created individual user profiles to customize personal settings

OfficeClip Web Document Sharing ensures the synchronized execution of events, eliminating the possibility of confusion or omission caused by data duplication or redundancy.


  • All organizational users will have a single view of the document folders.
  • Documents can be attached to any application, including the Web Contact Manager and Web Group Calendar.
  • Detailed Change History of the documents is shown.
  • For safeguard, documents can be locked against accidental overwrite or deletion.
  • Users can securely share documents with non-OfficeClip users.
  • Administrators can create and edit roles to control member permissions for creating and editing documents.
  • Different versions of the document can be saved.
Last Updated: Friday, April 10, 2015