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Get the most from OfficeClip: Login from your mobile!

by Admin 6. October 2008 12:10

This is a really handy feature of OfficeClip. Log in to OfficeClip from your mobile phone and access all your contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, etc. from anywhere you happen to be! This allows you to be even more flexible because you don't need to be on a computer. You could be in a taxi, on a train or having a coffee and be able to get all your OfficeClip information, such as Contacts, easily from your phone.

OfficeClip was created using the Microsoft .Net framework®, giving it flexible configuration and implementation on numerous web client devices, such as web browsers, Palm® devices, and web-enabled mobile phones. To access your OfficeClip contacts from your Web Contact Manager, and other applications, simply visit to login to your OfficeClip account. Couldn't be easier!!

Another great feature of OfficeClip is the ability to send SMS messages. Within every member's information, there is a place to add a mobile number and then you can manage the SMS. This gives you the ability to either disable the SMS entirely or to specify what type of SMS messaging you would like to receive. To send an SMS to someone, just click the link beside their mobile number. Remind a team member about a meeting, send an update on a web timesheet report or share information about an account in Web Contact Manager  all from within OfficeClip! This is a an easy, efficient and very quick way to communicate with your colleagues, whether they are in the office, out to lunch or traveling for work.

If you enjoy these features, or have questions, we encourage you to leave comments for us and for other readers!

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Go Green: Manage your business with the Web!

by Admin 9. September 2008 17:09

There's a lot of discussion about going green, but many articles I've come across advising small businesses on how to go green have focused on actual products they can buy to use in their offices. These include light bulbs, recycled paper, electronic equipment, cleaning supplies, etc., which are very good ideas and most certainly helpful to the environment. But what about actually helping your business run better and being green at the same time?! This is where web based business management software comes in.

Perhaps one of the biggest "green" benefits of web based business software comes from the almost complete lack of paper needed for things like old timesheets. Employees and contractors alike can enter their hours for projects from any web browser on any computer, cell phone, laptop, etc.  Stacks of paper with everyone's hours are no longer needed-so the paper is being saved, along with money, AND time is managed effectively and tracked in real-time.

According to Business Wire, there are many Fortune 1000 clients that have implemented online timesheets and contact manager software to reduce paper, increase organization and improve customer relations. Web software is affordable for SMEs as well...OfficeClip's Premium Suite can be downloaded for $80 per user or hosted online for $10 a month.

And the ways to go green with web management software don't stop there...another HUGE benefit is the ability of employees to access their data from anywherePatricia Faulhabber mentions telecommuting as a great way for small businesses to easily compete with the larger companies that are going green. Enabling employees to telecompute from their homes once or twice a month or even once a week will save them money in gas, wear and tear on their vehicles and give them greater flexibility in their schedules, which can lead to improved productivity.  

Web software provides all the means to make this happen and so, while making your company more productive, organized and efficient, and your employees happier, you can also boast being green.

Timesheet Rules Enhancement

by Admin 3. July 2008 18:07

We’ve been able to add some functionality to the Timesheet Rules feature. This enables you to automate certain communication (or actions) based on the values of a submitted timesheet. For example, if your company’s policy states that certain departments/employees must submit a minimum of hours worked, then this feature will automate the notification of when/if a particular user fails to meet the requirements. Therefore, both employee and manager can be a little more efficient in the submit and approve pieces of the time tracking workflow.

Here’s a quick guide to setting up rules through the Timesheet Admin console:

1. Add a condition to the rule (also, you can set the order of the conditions to set the appropriate precedence)

2. Select the action which you would like to occur, once a submitted timesheet has met the condition(s) of the rule.

3. Name the Rule, so that you will be able to easily identify it from the Rule List view.


Timesheet Rule

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