Is Twitter Really Better Than Google?

Interesting thought and one that had never crossed my mind until I read this article from Kuno Creative Strategic Marketing. They assert that Twitter is quickly replacing Google as the go-to place for valuable information. Of course, this should all be kept in perspective: Twitter still has a relatively low number of users, at 7 million, compared to Google's massive worldwide reach.

Their point is interesting though. They concede that Google is still "king of meta data" but go on to say that it is just too massive and people really can struggle to find relevant results and therefore go digging through the pages, wasting alot of time. Hmmm, I've done that a few times, how about you?

Twitter, in their minds, is like a search engine that is full of people with similar interests to yours, whether it be marketing, software, supply chain, medical, etc., giving you direct access to the 1% of the information Google would give you but without having to go through all the other "junk." Twitter is indeed full of "gurus" who are the best of the best at what they do and they are constantly feeding a steady stream of information. If you go to and type in what you are looking for, you will get a very relevant, quality list.

So while Google has everything, Twitter may be able to save you some time searching for it because it is smaller and a lot more personal. Give it a try sometime.

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  • I've been asking around (the office, friends, etc.) about Twittering...and most folks are telling me that they use Google or MSN to search for things on the web -- some use Facebook, some use MySpace.  I think that just like everything else, there seems to be a roaming phenomenon.  Not everyone is going to be on every single site.  And once you direct someone to your account, would you necessarily have an account on multiple sites?  You could literally spend your entire day updating, posting and responding to all these different sites.
  • well well google is Mass but i believe twitter will take some hard time to reach that point where's google doubt Twitter is reaching out us very quickly....where as business concerns its has the great advantage.
  • Thanks for your comment. I honestly still use Google for most searching. However, I keep my Twitter account open almost all day and if I find an itneresting article, I will post it. If someone posts something I dont know much about, I will search for it on Twitter and find other people who are talking about it. Right now, searching on Twitter is probably most beneficial for using Twitter, maybe not other things. But it certainly has potential. And yes, social networking could absolutely consume your entire workday. There are jobs coming up now for people to simply work on paid ad strategies, content strategies, etc. Its certainly a very big change for marketing.
  • Twitter is well positioned to grow...they came out at just the right time...just before the economy started hurting and now people have heard of it and want to try it out for networking, etc.
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