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SEM is still bigger than Social Networking

by Admin 2. April 2009 12:04

...But for how long?

CRM Magazine concedes that social networking is becoming bigger and bigger by the day but holds firm to the idea that SEO and SEM are still holding their ground. Social networks, according the article, have yet to lead to a true revolution but consumers are changing how they are searching, so marketers need to be involved and ready to adapt quickly.

5 Strategies

The article then goes on to give 5 strategies to improve your SEO and SEM by including, not excluding or ignoring, your social networking efforts.

The first one is to start preparing for mobile search. Jon Diorio of Google Adwords pointed out that people have a different mindset when they are using their mobile device for search than when they are sitting at a computer and searching. Bottom line: get ahead of the game and start devoting some of your marketing budget to this because by 2009, almost 90% of mobile internet users will be searching, compared to 13% in 2007.

The second point mentioned was to make sure that your social content is searchable. Optimize it because if you don't, there could be unintended consequences, such as searchers being attracted to your competitors whose social content is optimized.

Strategy #3 advises marketers to use brand awareness as a selling point and only 25% of marketers currently track brand awareness. 98% of ads aren't clicked, so their only real purpose then is is to create and extend brand awareness. People can be encourged to perform searches after viewing some kind of online or offline marketing. Your paid ad may not get the click, but that person may search for you later, which is even better since you won't have to pay for the click! Online and Offline campaigns can be used in combination.

This 4th strategy suggests that a TV, newspaper or radio ad could be used to drive traffic to your website by getting people to search for you.

The final idea was for companies who have ideas and budgets, but not enough personnel to manage the intiatives, to use technology.

Things like CRM software, which OfficeClip offers, can help you do this by managing campaigns and contacts. Other marketing technologies are constantly evolving and can really help you manage your programs.

So are you implementing any of these strategies? How are they working for you? What would you add to this list? Please leave comments for us!

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kevin Waltham
4/1/2009 9:04:57 PM #

SEo and SEM with always evolve. Social networking is the beginning of unified communication. The ability to have instant contact with whomever you need.  

The real growth will be streaming videos on the handset.

4/2/2009 2:04:46 AM #

Kevin, thanks for the comment. I agree. SEM and SEO are just so massive, like Google itself. I reall do think the area to look into is getting them to work with the social networking efforts. You are right about the growth being in streaming videos to the handset

Toronto SEO
4/2/2009 4:04:13 PM #

Hi Victoria,

I'm not sure that is the right question to ask, since I view social networking as PART of an SEM strategy, not a replacement for it.  

Most on-line commercial activity still starts with someone entering a query into a search engine... you could actually make a case for a lot of off line commercial activity starting that way as well i.e. researching a purchase before heading out to Best Buy to score it. The vehicle of choice for kicking off the research for most folks is Google and if you want your products to show up on the searcher's radar, you need to be on page 1 of the SERPs.

If we boil the Google game down to it's essence, ranking equals inbound links. Since inbound link building is the hardest part of SEO(assuming one takes a white hat approach) social networking sites provide an opportunity for building inbound links to your money pages that are entirely within your control.

In my view these will evolve to become a key element in SEM strategy...

I don't think social networking search will supplant Google any time soon (if ever), since MOST people on-line don't belong to a single social networking site or even social networking sites in general.



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