Send Invoices to your Customers using OfficeClip

OfficeClip now has a new application for invoicing customers. There is no need to export or synchronize your accounting system information with OfficeClip. You can directly invoice customers from within OfficeClip.

This feature will be useful for our service oriented users who does their Contact Management, Account Management or Web Timesheet using OfficeClip. It is available as an add-on to OfficeClip Web TimeSheet and Contact Management module.

To create an invoice, just click on the Invoices application on the left menu bar. Then create your invoice by adding new items as products or services. Finally review the invoice or send it to your customers via email or normal postal mail.

Your customers will receive an extranet link that will allow them to log in to the OfficeClip Extranet to review their invoices and pay them right from the OfficeClip Extranet.

Please note that if you are a installed version user of OfficeClip, we recommend that you buy a SSL certificate for your OfficeClip website to make your customers more secured when they pay for the invoices

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  • I looked into the invoices application. It still says Beta, when will it come out of Beta? also I need to use it with ACH, let me know if that is in your plans.
  • Will the invoicing feature(s) allow for the creation of an invoice from timesheets?  This seems to be our biggest need - to take a set of timesheets (by customer, time period or employee) and create an invoice.

    Right now the invoice is just kind of on it's own.  There seems to be nothing that moves the hours entered from a timesheet into an invoice.
  • would be nice to import timsheet data into an invoice and have them cross referenced for tracking
  • @John: We keep application in Beta for a while after the release. It should go away in 8.2.6 (current release is 8.2.4, maybe in a month or so)
  • @Nathan: We plan to implement this in 8.2.6 (current version is 8.2.4), in the next release we will have the invoice application more complete in sense of doing recurring processing, ACH processing etc.

    Yes we plan to import timesheet data into invoice ans also sync invoice with QuickBooks and other accounting software.

    Thanks for asking
  • @cebu bpo: Yes we created a theme for OfficeClip, let me know and I can send it.

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