New Release 10.4.27

We are pleased to announce a new release this year for OfficeClip. The following are some of the important changes we made to the product:

  1. Timesheet - Time Off Integration
  2. Live Chat Integration
  3. Lots of bug fixes

Timesheet - Time Off Integration

The timesheet application is now integrated with Time Off. So, your employees can request time off from the TimeOff application, and once approved the time offs gets shown when a new timesheet is created or edited. This video explains how it works:

Live Chat Integration

If you are evaluating OfficeClip, you can request support directly from our support team using the live chat link on the application. This software will be available to all users of OfficeClip soon.

Important Fixes

Following are some of the important fixes made in OfficeClip:

  1. EnhancementTimesheet: Integration of Timesheet and TimeOff Application. Prevent duplicate entries in time off and timesheet applications
  2. EnhancementSupport: Added Chat capability within OfficeClip to get easy support for evaluation users
  3. Bug FixAccounts: Account >> View Account >> Invoices >> going to 2nd page was showing empty list   NR1464 (10.x )
  4. Bug FixAccounts: CRM >> Accounts >> New Account, The bottom save button was touching the top control   IK1145 (10.x)
  5. Bug FixCompetitor: Competitor >> List, Owner column was not getting sorted properly   BK1580 (10.x)
  6. Bug FixExpenses: New Expense history was not showing the status correctly   DK1592 (10.x)
  7. Bug FixExtranet: Secured login was giving error in some situation   DK1578 (10.x)
  8. Bug FixIssue Tracker : The bottom Reset button in Reports was not visible until user scrolls down   RS0707 (10.x)
  9. Bug FixIssue Tracker : Issue Tracker >> Reports >> Edit Report >> Share. The link in the email was not working   IK1546 (10.x )
  10. Bug FixMobile: Mobile >> Issue Tracker Notes were not getting correctly added to the Issue   SD1539 (10.x)
  11. Bug FixOpportunities: Opportunities >> List, click on any of the details button>> in the details screen >> click on the Tools dropdown >> select Export. The Print screen was also showing   DK1561 (10.x)
  12. Bug FixProjects: Projects >>New Project, the project name in the list screen was showing the screen name   BK1599 (10.x)
  13. Bug FixProjects: Admin >> Allocate Project, was not sending emails consistently even when the send email was selected   SE1108 (Support Tickets)
  14. Bug FixProjects: Project >> New, after getting the emai, clicking on the email link was giving an yellow screen error   BK1597 (10.x)
  15. Bug FixTask: Go to task >>Task List >> Click on the Regarding and Assigned To. The list was not sorted   PE1013 (Support Tickets)
  16. Bug FixTask: Inside the task list screen some of the graphics was overlapping for some themes   IK1144 (10.x)
  17. Bug FixTime Off: After Time Off creation, it sends an email to the approver. the link in the email was not taking the user to the Time Off application   SD1498 (10.x)
  18. Bug FixTime Off: Time Off >> My Request, If the To Date was less than the From Date, it was not showing any error   DK1441 (10.x)
  19. Bug FixTime Off: timeoff start date and end date were showing one day back in Timeoff approver report
  20. Bug FixTimesheet: Incorrect status was showing in the history after timesheet edits   DK1568 (10.x)
  21. Bug FixTimesheet: Timesheet >> Search, in the search timesheets screen click on the "Timesheet submission status". Previously the dropdown and cancel button was overlaping each other   DK1569 (10.x)
  22. Bug FixTimesheet: In the approved timesheet screen, the attachement widget was visible event though it was disabled
  23. Bug FixTimesheet: Timesheet >> List, previously proxy, new and history controls were overlapping   BK1552 (10.x)
  24. Bug FixTimesheet: Timesheet >> List, the history button and new button was not working   IK1598 (10.x)
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