Restrictions on SMTP, POP or IMAP accounts to access Gmail directly

When accessing Gmail via a third-party site that connects to using POP, IMAP or SMTP protocol, some precautions need to be taken to effectively access mails.

To set up Gmail Imap and Smtp correctly see the google help page at

When accessing Gmail from a third party site (like, google adds some additional security measures:

  1. If you access directly via SMTP, POP or IMAP ports, you need to access Gmail via your web browser from the same machine (IP address).

  2. If you are using SAAS or third party hosted site, this is not possible. In this case, Google will send you an email (to the same email address that you are trying to connect to) to validate if it was you who accessed Gmail. The email will look like:

  3. Click on Check Activity to go to the next screen
  4. Verify that the location shows the OfficeClip Server at the US and then click Yes, it was me. You should see a confirmation screen now.
  5. Finally, you will need to point your browser to and change the slider to On

OfficeClip is in the process of implementing a more secure way to access Gmail so that this setting is not necessary. In the meantime, the method defined in this article will serve as a workaround.

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