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Schema: Event

Name Type Comment
sidstringThe serial id of this service type
isLockbooleanDetermines if the column can be edited
tagstringUsed by OfficeClip to pass specific information
eventIdintThe unique id of the event in the OfficeClip database
eventTypeintThe event type, valid types are None = -1, Organization Event (visible to the entire organization) = 1, Meeting(visible only to attendees) = 2, Personal Event(visible only to the creator) = 3
eventNamestringThe name of the event
eventDescriptionstringDetailed description of the event
startDateTimedateTimeThe date time when the event starts
endDateTimedateTimeThe date time when the event ends
isAllDayEventbooleanShows if the event is an all day event. If so, the start time and end time is ignored
eventUserSidstringThe Sid of the user who created the event
eventLocationstringThe location of the event
repeatTextInfostringThe text of the repeat information if the event repeats
isRSVPbooleanShows if RSVP is requested for the event. Valid only for organization events
showAsintHow the event will be shown as in the cretor calendar. Valid values are Busy = 0, Free = 1, Out of Office = 2, Tentative = 3
createdByUserSidstringThe sid of the user who created the event
createdByUserNamestringThe name of the user who created the event
createdByTimestampdateTimeThe timestamp of the user who created the event
meetingAttendeesstringA comma separated list of attendees in the format name1(emailAddress1), name2(emailAddress2)... etc. Valid only for the meeting type events
timeZoneIdintThe internal timezone id of the event
isReminderSelectedbooleanShows if the reminder is selected for the event
whoToRemindstringThe string representation of who needs to be reminded
remindAtDateTimedateTimeThe date and time when the reminder should occur
urlstringThe url of the event (if any)
resourceIdintThe internal id of the resource for this event
resourceNamestringThe name of the resource
isReservedbooleanThe status of the resource reservation
modifiedByUserNamestringThe name of the user who modified the event
modifiedByUserSidstringThe sid of the user who last modified the event
modifiedByTimestampdateTimeThe timestamp of the user who last modified the event
parentObjectServiceTypeintThe service type of the parent object, -1 if not parent object exist
parentObjectSidstringThe sid of the parent object
regardingstringwhat the event is regarding. This is a read only field. Attempting to set this value to anything other than null or empty string will trigger an exception