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Schema: Issue

Name Type Comment
sidstringThe serial id of this service type
isLockbooleanDetermines if the column can be edited
tagstringUsed by OfficeClip to pass specific information
issueIdintThe unique id of the issue in the OfficeClip database
binderSidstringThe unique sid of the binder in the OfficeClip database where the issue belongs
caseNumstringThe fcase number of the issue
titlestringThe title of the issue
descriptionstringThe description of the issue
statusstringThe salutation of the issue
criticalitystringThe title of the issue
categorystringThe title of the issue
kindstringThe title of the issue
createdUserstringThe name of the user that created the issue
createdDatedateTimeThe created date for the issue
modifiedUserstringThe name of the user that modified the issue
modifiedDatedateTimeThe modified date for the issue
resolutionstringThe resolution of the issue
commentsstringThe comments of the issue
assignedTostringThe assigned to of the issue
udf1stringThe first user defined field
udf2stringThe second user defined field
udf3stringThe third user defined field
udf4stringThe fourth user defined field
udf5stringThe fifth user defined field
udf6stringThe sixth user defined field
udf7stringThe seventh user defined field
udf8stringThe eighth user defined field
udf9stringThe nineth user defined field
udf10stringThe tenth user defined field