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Schema: MetaInformation

Name Type Comment
sidstringThe serial id of this service type
isLockbooleanDetermines if the column can be edited
tagstringUsed by OfficeClip to pass specific information
metaInformationIdintThe unique id of the meta attribute in the OfficeClip database
metaBasicTypeintThe type of the field, The following are the field types: 0=unknown, 1=list, 2=text, 3=number, 4=float, 5=date, 6=boolean
internalNamestringThe internal name of the attribute, this is how it is represented internally in OfficeClip, so can be used for identification.
schemaNamestringThe schema name of the attribute, It matches the column name of the respective schema, for example Contact.xsd column name will match this field.
externalNamestringThe user provided name of the attribute, this is how it is shown to the user on the screen.
sectionNamestringThe section name where the attributes reside
listChoicesstringThe list choices for the list type entry. List choices are represented in the format: text1~text2~text3...
defaultValuestringThe default value of the attribute, date will be encoded in the sortable format. The default value, if present, will be used in all the input forms
isPreferredbooleanPreferred fields are shown on the list screen
isRequiredbooleanDetermines if the value of the attribute is mandatory. If this is true then in any input and edit forms, this value needs to be supplied. If the attribute type is a list, then the list text should not be empty.
isReadonlybooleanDetermines if the value of the attribute is read only. This attribute should not show up in the input screen and should not be editable in the edit screen. Note that both isRequired and isReadOnly cannot be true at the same time. If the client program finds such a case it should immediately throw an exception saying that inconsistent web services values.
isVisiblebooleanDetermines if the attribute is visible. This will always be set to true in the current release