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Schema: Organization

Name Type Comment
sidstringThe serial id of this service type
isLockbooleanDetermines if the column can be edited
tagstringUsed by OfficeClip to pass specific information
orgIdintThe unique id of the organization in the OfficeClip database where the account belongs
orgNamestringThe name of the organization
orgTypeintThe type of the organization. This could either be organization or division
lastUpdatedByUserIdintThe user id of the user that last updated the organization
addressIdintThe OfficeClip internal id of the address that is attached to the organization
gdf1NamestringThe name of the first organization defined field. Group defined field value can be put for each user (e.g. employee id).
gdf2NamestringThe name of the second organization defined field.
gdf3NamestringThe name of the third organization defined field.
gdf4NamestringThe name of the fourth organization defined field.
gdf5NamestringThe name of the fifth organization defined field.
parentGroupIdintThe parent organization id of the current organization
timezoneIdintThe OfficeClip internal id of the organization timezone