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OfficeClip Contact Manager software is designed to meet the complete range of online management requirements for all types of organizations. This program extends the concept of an address book by incorporating tracking and management features with your contact information and details.

  • What is Contact Manager? - OfficeClip Contact Management Software is an efficient tool for managing and tracking all of your contact related information, thereby contributing to increased operational efficiency for your business.
  • Features - OfficeClip Business Contact Manager is easy to install, configure, and use. Contact Software handles the entire range of contact management activities. This includes tracking contacts, customers, and opportunities, and automatically linking any related tasks, campaigns, issues, appointments, notes, and emails
  • Technical Overview - Contact Manager enables organizations to manage contacts remotely or within an intranet. The software was created using the Microsoft .Net framework, and it provides a flexible configuration and implementation on numerous web client devices.
  • System Requirements - Based on the edition chosen the applications can either be installed on an organization's server behind a firewall, accessed throughout the organization via a web browser, or run on the client browser without local installation.

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