OfficeClip Issue Tracking Software is a web-based Collaboration Tool designed to solve Business problems by ensuring the Effective Tracking of all Issues, Software Bugs, Enhancements, Cases, and Incidents throughout their entire lifecycle. OfficeClip Web-Based Bug Tracker facilitates the simple and smooth (but vital) task of Issue Management through the following features:

Issue Tracking Software Components

Classification of Issues for easy tracking:

  • Organization - Grouping by organizations
  • Binders - Grouping by binders
  • Issues - Case list of Issues under relevant Binder and relevant Department.

Main Benefits of Web-Based Bug Tracker

  • Web-Based Bug Tracker - Track and manage the entire life cycle of an Issue
  • Classification - Issues can be classified by Organizations and Binders enabling Effective Compartmentalization of related data.
  • Security - Administrator can share and restrict access to Issues by Enabling or Disabling member privileges, bolstering the security and confidentiality of data and information.
  • Increased Productivity - All Issue related data, such as its Origin, Person Handling the Issue, the Current Issue Status are readily accessible, offering Employees a Systematic Approach to solve problems and address Issues.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Effective handling of Issues enhances the reputation of the Business in terms of Efficiency and service.
  • Intuitive Web Interface Design - Non-Members can enter and track the status of their submitted Cases.
  • Organization - Documents can be attached to each Issue, like attaching a Graphical Image, Screenshot of the bug, etc.
  • Capture Issues via Email - Automated system reduces Data Loss and improves Tracking Efficiency.

OfficeClip Issue Tracking Software offers Comprehensive Management of the Issue by tracking its entire Workflow. It enables initiation of an Issue (or Enhancement requests), assigns it to a Staff, Tracks its progress and closes it upon resolution. This software guarantees Security of Critical or Sensitive data against unauthorized access by restriction of access and management of information by an administrator or authorized personnel in the organization.

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