Understanding OfficeClip Projects

The following describes some of the main features and uses of the application:

  • Accounts, such as a client account, are created; then projects are created within the account, as needed.

  • Details entered into accounts and projects allow users to track the progress of the project and its various components (such as the budget), and also view and update any account information over the life of the project.

  • Project information such as jobs, customers, and service items can be imported from a QuickBooks Timer file.

  • The administrator can allocate multiple users to an account and project at one time.


Project management is planning and executing work of an organization in order to achieve specific goals. Project management also helps in effective planning of resources and budget.

The OfficeClip Projects application is used to manage effectively client accounts and the projects that go along with them. These projects can be allocated to team members and the status can be viewed from time to time which will help in planning future requirements, estimating resources and budget.


The history button on the top right of the main screen helps to keep track of what your team is working at many levels.

When you click on the History button on the projects or accounts screen or inside a project or an account, you will be able to see the changes made to a project or an account.

To learn more details about the history button, click here.