OfficeClip Installation Manual

You are reading this manual because you have either downloaded OfficeClip or are upgrading it. Scroll down to the end of this document if you need installation assistance.

OfficeClip is a web-based software suite for Contact Management, Time Tracking for your projects and Help desk. It is available in Standard and Enterprise Editions.

This document covers installation of two types of downloads:

  1. Windows Installer (msi) version – With this installation you can install OfficeClip by clicking on the setup program. The installer installs an express version of the sql server so that it can be operational after the installation.
  2. Manual Installation using file copy – In this installation you can unzip the files and copy them into your web application folder. You must have a sql server setup on your environment with adequate permission before using this installation method.

Read this file before attempting to install OfficeClip on your server.