Getting Started with Timesheet Software


The Web Timesheet application enables you to track the duration of your user's activities. It automates periodic time reporting with real-time processing.

This time tracking software will help you to estimate the project cost, review time spent by an employee on a project, will help in proper resource allocation which in turn will streamline all your work process. Entering timesheet is a simple process:
  • Enter the project.

  • Enter the task.

  • Enter the number of hours worked.

  • Add comments if any.

  • Attach documents if required.

  • Save the timesheet and send it on a weekly/monthly basis for approval.

The Timesheet Inbox shows the status of all the timesheets submitted for your approval, pending approval, rejection, and so forth, allowing you to take action quickly on the ones that need your attention.

This easy to maintain timesheets will help to manage your budget, resource allocation and also will help to plan time of your employees for a project.