Email Options

From here, you can set up various features of your email within OfficeClip, such as your signature, reply settings and other general options for managing emails smoothly.

email options

To configure several email options:

  1. Click Desktop > Email. > Options.
  2. To setup the Compose Email option, from Options select General Email Options

    • Select the format for composing email by clicking on the appropriate radio button.
    • Select the default account for sending email from the dropdown.
    • If Check for Emails at start is check marked, whenever an Email application is opened it will show up all the new emails in the Inbox first.
    • Click Save to save all the changes.
  3. To create your own mailing lists, from Options select the Mailing List link.
    • This option will help to create a group of email addresses to correspond to a mailing list.
    • To set mailing list, click on the New Item, add the list name and click on the icon to save the mailing list name.

    • To edit the list name click on the icon, to delete the list name click on the icon. To configure or set up the mailing list, click on the icon.

    • Here you will get four options in the dropdown:
      1. If Manually Enter option is selected, enter the name and email address of the user in the corresponding boxes and click on Add to list button.
      2. If Import from CSV file option is chosen, click on Choose file button, select the CSV file from the desired location and click Import.
      3. If Select from OfficeClip option is chosen, from the corresponding box select either Contacts or Users, and then choose the desired names from the list from the next corresponding box and click on Add to list button.
      4. If Copy from Another list option is selected, you will see a list of contacts from other lists in the corresponding dropdown. Select the appropriate users and click on the Add to List option.
    • You can finally see the list of users created in a group you have created for mailing list. You can remove the users from the group, if not required by clicking on the Remove link.

    • While composing an email the user just need to type the group name and the email will sent to all the users in the group.

      email compose list

  4. To block the senders, from Options, select the Block Sender link.
    • Type the email address of the sender you want to block.

      email block sender

    • Click Save.
    • To unblock the email address, click on the icon on the email address and click Save.
  5. To add signature to all the outgoing emails, from Options select the Signature link.
    • Add the signature in the text box.

    • For HTML signature, checkmark the Use HTML Signature box.
    • Click Save.
    • Every time an email is composed the user will see the signature.

      email check signature

  6. To setup reply setting, from Options select the Reply Settings link.
    • This screen allows you to choose whether to include original content when replying or forwarding.

    • Select the option on how the original message should be separated.
    • Click Save.