Home Page


The OfficeClip Home Page provides view of all the desired applications to allow collaboration between your employees to make them more efficient. It is the core application for use as the intranet in your organization. It gives an overview of all the applications and their status.

Understanding OfficeClip Home Page

The OfficeClip Home Page consists of a dashboard representation of most OfficeClip applications. It provides the user a consolidated view of the entire OfficeClip suite.

The Home Page button bar gives access to the My Dashboard, New, Reset Dashboard, and Admin buttons.

  • My Dashboard: displays the typical Home Page Portlet view, with a list of recently accessed Portlets. Users can move the portlets by dragging and dropping them elsewhere on the page. Users can also remove, collapse or edit the Portlet properties.

  • New: With the New function you can create a new item and add it to your dashboard. Note, this dashboard is user specific, and each user can activate different portlets in the catalog.

  • Reset Dashboard: resets all the portlets to the default configuration or the configuration set by the administrator.

  • Admin: allows administrators to make changes to the look and feel of the Portlet that is available to all users. Note that this may not change the individual configuration of the portlets that are set by individual users.