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A simple tool to store and retrieve customer information from a centralized place with an easy-to-use interface.

Designed to get deeper insights
into customers information

Nurture customer relationship with
improved data management.

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Used by many Small Businesses Worldwide

Customer: Trigyn
Customer: Axiom
Customer: Fathom Systems
Customer: VHB Global
Customer: Red Viking
Customer: DAS Partners
Customer: HBT Systems
Customer: PM Solutions

How OfficeClip Contact Manager helps businesses?

Contact Database Software

Get in-depth summary of customers and prospects data during various sales stages.

Keep track of communication and sales history with notes, invoices, documents, tasks, and issues. Segment your contacts by tagging them and follow up with them at regular intervals using call-list.

Our Contact management system will create a workflow and boost the sales team's ability to handle customer complaints and close deals.

Handle different business units in one software

OfficeClip has the ability to create multiple organizations where the customers and lead data for different units can be managed in one software. Then, depending on the permissions, the team members can access information and take action accordingly.

The system provides easy access to data and increases collaboration amongst team members at different locations.

Effortless exchange of information with Customers

Securely share and retrieve the documents, reports, and invoices with your customers or vendors.

With limited access, customers can keep track of their invoices and issues. In addition, clients can get an overview of their project status through shared reports.

Provide powerful insights for multiple clients

With the OfficeClip Contact management, you can create multiple accounts/clients. For each account/client, create multiple contacts with detailed records.

Our software provides your team a centralized view of every customer interacton and will help improve response time.

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Who Can Use Contact Manager?


Manage communication with clients and standardize work process.

Education Departments

Organize students data, streamline admission process, and track staff availability.

Real Estate

Capture leads, automate repetitive tasks, follow-up with new customers.


Provides visibility of the customers and leads from every angle. A best tool to nurture your leads and increase customer retention through data analysis.

Travel Agencies

Capture inquiries through the webforms. This data will be directed to your contact manager, so there is no manual entry hassle and you can take actions accordingly.

Sales Management

With customized HTML web forms for your products, customers can order as per their requirements and track the products through the customer portal.

A top-rated solution for all businesses

This business contact manager will simplify the work process of your sales, marketing, and support teams. OfficeClip CRM platform with free features will prove valuable for all kinds of industries and individuals.

What makes OfficeClip Contact Manager unique?

Free for unlimited users:

  • Free integration with Slack and Zapier using Rest API.
  • Free Mobile app.
  • Track Customer issues with OfficeClip Issue Tracker.
  • Track time with Free OfficeClip Timesheet.

Install on your computer or private cloud:

  • Runs on private cloud.
  • Works inside your own firewall.
  • Free Edition with Unlimited Users & Time.

Set up Account online:

  • No installation required.
  • Data backup taken every 30 minutes.
  • Discounts on prepayment.
  • Free Edition with Unlimited Users & Time.


All our contacts can be accessed from same place using mobile and desktop. Has a password protected portal to share limited information to customers. It has the ability to define multiple organizations to isolate data.

- Habibur Rahman, Accountax Solutions

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A Contact Management with all the CRM Features

  • Create invoices using templates. Track and receive customer payments online.
  • Integration with Google forms, Zapier, Amazon SES, Mailjet, and Socketlabs. Sync Contacts with Google and Outlook.
  • Capture customer issues, assign it to team members, and track its progress until resolution.
  • Request appointments with your clients, create group events and share your calendar with customer portal users.
  • Track time spent on contacts, tasks, and meetings. Export this time in Timesheets.
  • Organize all your tasks and sub-tasks by assigning status, priority, due date. Track progress by viewing dashboard using filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our Contact manager will efficiently handle all your customer data.
    • The consolidated data in the centralized system, will make it easy for the teams to access the information.
    • This efficient Contact management system allows companies to communicate effectively with regular customers and the leads. This conversation helps to understand customer requirements and issues better, which optimizes customer service and increases sales volume.
    • It will automate some of your tasks, allowing your teams to focus more on essential tasks.
    • Will create a workflow for your teams and improve collaboration.
  • Yes, Our software is easy to install. Once you fulfill all the system requirements, you can follow the process mentioned. We also have an installation manual in case you face any issues. Still, if you have any problems installing, you can email us at

  • All the basic features used in a Contact manager are available. Apart from that:

    • Customer Portal
    • Document Management
    • You can add one custom field
    • Activity tracking
    • Viewing history of past 7 days
    • Invoice management
    • Create and send Campaigns
    • Calendar management
    • Managing Email templates

    Apart from this if you need advanced features, the basic pricing starts from $3/user/month. We also provide free upgrades.

  • Yes, because it is created for all kinds of businesses. However, if you have any doubts you can try the Free version first, and if you think that it is the best fit then you can upgrade it.

  • You can connect us through live chat, email us to or call us at +1-770-448-7375.


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