Issue Tracker for Organizations

Record and fix software bugs or defects quickly.
Track the lifecycle of ticket from the time of submission until resolution.

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Differentiation of issues with multiple Binders

OfficeClip Binders allows categorization of issues in various domains

✓Allows categorization of issues for various domains

✓ Predefined templates are provided for ease of use

✓ Custom fields can be added to each binder

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Track issues via Web Forms

Create webforms to track issues

✓ Allows customer self-service to add issues via your website

✓ Optional secured link for added security

✓ Supporting documents and notes can be added as needed

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Get a glance of all issues with Reports

Issue tracker reports

✓ Different in-built reports available, also create new reports as per your needs

✓Use filters and views for various kinds of reports

✓ Schedule and export in different formats

✓ Share reports via a Web link or Secured link

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Capture issues via Email

Capturing issues

✓ Clients reports issue to a designated email address

✓ OfficeClip monitors the email account and captures issues

✓ Captured issues are automatically added to the respective binder and issue list

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Rules for Issue Escalation

Issue tracker rules

✓ Allows various actions based on the fields in the issue

✓ Receive notifications when the issue status is changed

✓ Allows taking proactive action for important issues

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Receive notifications for saved issues

✓ Receive notifications when the issue is saved

✓ Select different modes (email, sms, on-screen, slack) to receive notifications

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Track Time

Track time for issues

✓ Set an estimate for each issue.

✓ Track time spent on each issue

✓ Analyze total time spent on all issues through reports

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Why Use Issue Tracker

Solve customer reported problem in a structured manner
Prioritize important issues to comply with the SLA
Learn more by viewing a detailed history of all issues
Lets customer track their issues via a secured site

Benefits of using Issue Tracker

Increase happy customers - resolve issues quickly
Security - Share and restrict access to issues
Information - Allows detailed notes and document attachment
Ease of use - A web-based and smartphone standard interface

What makes OfficeClip Issue Tracker unique?

Free version available for unlimited users:

  • Categorize similar issues in binders.
  • Import/Export issues in CSV and XML formats.
  • View entire lifecycle of an issue.
  • Create user-defined fields.

Install on your computer or private cloud:

  • Runs on private cloud.
  • Works inside your own firewall.
  • Free version available in Standard Edition.
  • 30-day Free trial available in Professional edition.

Set up Account online:

  • No installation required.
  • Data backup taken every 30 minutes.
  • Discounts on prepayment.
  • Free version available in Standard Edition.
  • 30-day Free trial available Professional edition.


Lots of functionality for the price. Great affordable solution for a small business. Was easy to set up and begin using.
Customer service is very responsive.

- Peter Lambert

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