Timesheet for Employees and Projects

OfficeClip's timesheet lets your employees log work hours on projects. You can also use it to manage Expenses, Time Off, and send Invoices to customers. It is simple to use and available free to unlimited users.

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Why use OfficeClip Timesheet?

To be more productive and efficient at your workplace, it is important to track and manage your time properly.

The employees will no longer have to record time on a paper or a spreadsheet.

Allows the creation of accurate invoices for clients.

Customized reports show the pattern of how employees work.

Integrated Time Offs and Accrual management helps administrators and human resources.

Time Tracking features to simplify your business

  • DCAA Compliant Timesheets

    The DCAA compliance feature will ensure filling up of timesheets daily with clearly defined procedures.

  • Setting timesheet Rules

    The rules set up by the Administrator will ensure time is recorded in the timesheet as per the guidelines set up by the organization.

  • Expense Tracking

    Expense management gives an idea of the cost incurred for a project.

  • Employee Monitoring

    Search individual or group timesheets to view work details and timesheet submission status.

Who can use Timesheets


Can use timesheets to track their hours and projects and charge the clients accordingly. For future estimates, they get an idea of how much time is spent on what.


Many companies work on a project basis. So they need to track time for each project. Each project has a deadline, so it is essential to determine the hours spent on a project, work done, and what work is assigned to whom. These timesheets will help to determine the productivity of employees and measure employee performance and will help in making decisions on how to maximize work efficiency.

Government Departments

Some Consultants or Govt. contractors need to comply with the DCAA regulations. To prevent fraudulent billing to the govt, the organizations ensure filling up of timesheets by following the DCAA recommendations and guidelines. OfficeClip timesheets are DCAA compliant and will ensure accurate recording of time daily.

How OfficeClip Timesheet is useful

Time Tracking

✓ Track hours using Check-in Check-out system
✓ Rules to ensure timesheets are filled up as per fixed policies
✓ DCAA compliant timesheets

Report Management

✓ Custom Reports
✓ Share reports via a web link or secured link
✓ Export reports in pdf, excel, word format

Project Management

✓ Add different accounts to projects
✓ Create various tasks for different projects
✓ View project status through reports

Team Management

✓ Set up an approval workflow for teams
✓ Set up billing rates for different projects
✓ View who is working on what

Desktop App

✓ Free for unlimited users
✓ Available in hosted/installed version
✓ Various editions available

Mobile App

✓ Create New Timesheets
✓ Submit and Approve Timesheets
✓ View Timesheet Status

How OfficeClip timesheets are easy to use

  • Employees
    • Can record time with check-in check-out system easily
    • Can fill up timesheets through the mobile app
    • Automated timesheet submission
    • View timesheet status
  • Administrators
    • Creates rules to fill up timesheets
    • Sets up the workflow for approving timesheets
    • Decides on the cost or billing rate for different projects
    • Sets up different tasks for various projects
  • Managers
    • Approve/Reject timesheets with one click
    • View employee availability through time offs
    • Allocate work by identifying skills to improve work efficiency
    • View project status and estimate future work
  • Owners
    • Get an idea of real-time work done
    • Monitor productivity
    • Analyze project profitability
    • Measure employee efficiency and performance

What makes OfficeClip Free Timesheet unique?

Free for unlimited users

Daily and Weekly Timesheet and Expenses
Track Customer Issues and assign them to Agents (requires free OfficeClip Issue Tracker)
Manage relationship with customers (needs free OfficeClip CRM)
Use Online or Install on your machine or Private Cloud

OfficeClip Hosting Options

Use OfficeClip on our Cloud if you do not want to install yourself
Installed: If you want to install on your machine behind your firewall or wish to do local customizations, you can install on any Windows computer (Windows 10 or higher) at your premises.
Private Cloud: Finally, you can use it on Amazon AWS (or Microsoft Azure). We will provide you with the AMI to get this to work. We can optionally manage your Private Cloud for you.

Customers say:

Andre Thompson (Senior Engineer - British Telecom )

"OfficeClip has been easy to learn, use and navigate for us at BT. We have found it a useful asset in managing and organizing our projects."

Sarah Roderus (Vice President - TCT Computing)

"This product has been a lifesaver! We are very happy with the product and support"

Mary Yanocha (Director - PM Solutions)

"We have been using the OfficeClip tools for more than seven years to share corporate documents and track time for more than hundred associates"

Additional Information

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