Searching Timesheets

This function allows searching individual timesheets from the system. OfficeClip supports two types of searches in the system.

  1. Individual Timesheet Search
  2. Timesheet Submission Status
  • Individual Timesheet Search: Allows users to search for timesheets in the system. Different levels of privileges are supported:
    1. Administrators: Can search all timesheets on the system.
    2. Approvers: Can only search their own timesheets and timesheets they approved.
    3. Normal users: Can only search their own timesheets.

    To search individual timesheets:

    1. Click HRM > Timesheet > Search > Individual Timesheet Search.

    2. Select the date range and users, checkmark DCAA history if you want to view the users history and click Continue

    3. You can see the list of individual timesheets. Click on the icon to view the timesheets.

  • Timesheet Submission Status: Allows administrators to search for timesheets by their status. This feature allows searching for timesheets that are not created, not submitted or not approved. It also provides a mechanism to send email to those users.

    To search timesheets by status:

    1. Click HRM > Timesheet > Search > Timesheet Submission Status.

    2. Select the period to view the submission status of timesheets

    3. It will show the status of timesheets of all the users. An email can be sent to users with Missing timesheet status. Select the users with missing status and click Email.