How to improve remote team performance?

improving remote team performance

 Imagine you’re the manager of a team of remote workers. You sit in your office, surrounded by all the tools of modern communication—a computer, a phone, and an intercom. But despite your best efforts, things … Read more

Service Desk and its importance

resolve issues with support desk

What is a Service Desk? Developing software is a very challenging process. With every software release, there are chances of some bugs or issues cropping up, which hinders the smooth usage of the software. There … Read more

How to track Paid Time Off for employees?


This article addresses why employees should be given paid time off for personal purposes and how tracking those is essential. But, unfortunately many businesses end up losing money as they don’t track and calculate the … Read more

What is Outcome-based software development?

Product Development

Free: Outcome-based design template. This article describes how Outcome-based software development can provide the desired result for all the stakeholders compared to the traditional feature-based product development. With this methodology, the designer focuses on how … Read more