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Marketing is an essential part of any business, so it seems safe to say if something is good for the marketing department, it's good for the company. OfficeClip will give you the ability to successfully manage your marketing programs and reduce the time and money spent on administrative tasks. This means you can spend more of your budget on actual marketing!

  • Keep Your Marketing Team on the Same Page - Vendors, contractors, designers, and employees can all have access to their information within OfficeClip via a web browser.
  • Decide what level of access to give to your contractors - This provides security by limiting what information they can see, edit, share, etc.
  • Focus on Marketing - Manage all your customers from one place so you can put more energy into marketing to them. No need for spreadsheets, files or the headache of trying to find where their information is.
  • Email campaigns and newsletters - These are a convenient, effective and low-cost way to contact your new and existing customers and OfficeClip's Campaigns application is an excellent tool for successfully managing these efforts.
  • Share Documents - Your working on some research and everyone needs to see it. Forget about emailing it to everyone, just upload it into OfficeClip. If you don't want any data changed, "lock" it and no one will be able to edit it.
  • Track Opportunities - The Opportunities application lets you create and track all the stages of a business opportunity. If you get a lead from a marketing campaign, you can record various details about it such as the estimated revenue and the probability of success.
  • Get Organized, Stay Organized - In addition to storing customer information, Contact Manager enables you to attach documents, write notes, and create tasks related to each customer. This lets you work across OfficeClip applications to manage each customer more efficiently.
  • Track time Spent - Now that you've got all your client information in one place, keep track of how much time you spend working on the account. OfficeClip gives you the ability to record the time spent meeting with clients, modifying their accounts, solving issues, etc.


  • Hosted - $12/user/month.
  • Installable - $96/user (one-time).
  • FREE Edition Available.
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