OfficeClip Free Contact Manager has most features of a CRM while avoiding unnecessary complexities. It can:

  • Keep your Sales and Marketing teams organized
  • Drives Sales Growth
  • Facilitates Customer Retention

It will also help you link documents, notes, emails, campaigns, tasks, and follow-ups for each contact.

What is included?

Free Contact Manager / CRM List Screen

  • It is available as Installed or Hosted. You can install it on your machine, private cloud (like Amazon AWS) or use it online at our website.
  • Unlimited users and no-time limit.
  • Free access to the Mobile App (in the Google Play or App Store )
  • All our software is advertisement free.

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Fully Free Featured Contact Management

Contact Management summary screen / CRM List Screen

OfficeClip Contact Management Software lets you:

  • Send Invoices to contacts.
  • Maintain a list of all your Accounts, Competitors and Opportunities.
  • Attach Documents, tasks, emails and events
  • Send Campaigns and Emails.
  • Keep public or privates notes.
  • Set up Daily Call List for each contact to call up customers at regular intervals.
  • Add Tags for categorization.
  • Link to Social Networking sites.

More Features of Contact Manager

Working with Customers

Managing Accounts in CRM

Allows creation of customer accounts and linking with contacts and opportunities. Client records can be imported to OfficeClip in CSV format from other contact managers like Outlook, Act! etc.

Create Campaigns / Newsletters

Campaign Management Software

  • Free Campaign and Newsletter designer, no need to buy another software.
  • Send Newsletters using your own existing email account.
  • Track delivery and clicks.

More information on Campaign Management

Share Documents

Document Management System

  • Share documents with public or private groups
  • Ability to create password protected and time limited shares
  • DropSite to allow your clients to upload documents

How to Share documents with your clients

Track Appointments and Follow-ups

Managing Calendar with contact manager

  • Calendar to organize followups
  • Ability to set up appointments with external users
  • Import/Export events and sync with iCalendar, Outlook and Google contacts

More on calendar

Manage Tasks and Projects

Free CRM with task management software

  • Assign tasks to people in the organization
  • Create subtasks
  • Track estimates and time spent on tasks

Access using Mobile Devices

Mobile CRMMobile app for Contact manager

  • Convenience of having data on the go
  • Easy access via mobile phones and tablets

More on Mobile Access

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