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OfficeClip can help you to manage all aspects of your Healthcare Business better. From organizing patient information and efficiently updating it, to storing documents and forms for tracking insurance information, OfficeClip can handle everything. OfficeClip's powerful and flexible applications will increase productivity and efficiency in your office while saving time and money. Using OfficeClip will save you precious time, as well as make you more organized and efficient, giving you the ability to focus more on your patients.

  • Organize Patient Information - OfficeClip's Contact Manager Application will allow you to store all your patients' information in one place.
  • Keep Track of Important Patient Materials - Attach documents and forms to each patient and write any special notes you may need to include with their information.
  • Schedule Appointments - Create and maintain all your patient appointments with our Group Calendar Application.
  • Handle Insurance Information with Ease - Effectively manage all insurance company information and track any outstanding issues regarding insurance companies or patients, such as payment, with our Issue Tracking Software.
  • Keep Your Patients Health Private - Set permissions to control what information users can see, edit, share, etc. This feature provides high-level security and organization.
  • Create Team Synergy - Communication is key, and OfficeClip's applications are an efficient way to keep all employees working together - email, web calendar, appointments, tasks, etc. will give your team the ability to achieve its goals.
  • Empower Your Patients - OfficeClip Contact Manager can also be used to communicate directly with patients. Use the "campaigns" application to send out newsletters and other information to educate and update your patients about new medical findings, research, prescriptions, etc.


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  • Installable - $96/user (one-time).
  • FREE Edition Available.
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