A Timesheet is a document that tracks how much time each employee (or consultant) spends on the job. Traditionally it used to be done using paper, email or spreadsheets. Now it is done through web and mobile app that has made it easy to enter, share and track.

With OfficeClip Timesheet employees can enter hours spent on a specific project or task for the week. This time tracking software will help you to estimate project cost, will track efficiency of employees and maintain accurate records.

After an employee creates the timesheet, it is routed to approval by a supervisor. Once done, it can be sent to various backend systems like ADP, QuickBooks, etc. for payroll processing.

OfficeClip reporting system has many in-built Reports like Timesheet approvals DCAA audits, employee utilization by task, account, timesheet details, summary, etc. Users can also build a custom report as per their requirements.

Why Free Timesheet?

  • To introduce our Time tracking software to entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to keep track of task for employees and projects.
  • By giving it free, we save money for advertisements. Satisfied users can let others know on their social network and blogs.
  • Some advanced features are limited in the free version, and we hope that users will upgrade if and when they need these features. Compare Timesheet editions.
  • In addition to free time tracking, our software offers many more things like Expense tracking, Time Off tracking, Document management, Mobile apps, etc.

What is included?

Timesheet List Screen

  • Unlimited users and no time-limited expiration with no Ads.
  • Available on the Hosted and Installed version.
  • Free Upgrades with 5GB free storage.
  • Detailed history shown for the past 15 days.
  • Free access to the Mobile App.

Free Online Timesheet Software

Time Management Screen

OfficeClip Timekeeping Software lets you:

  • Track time accurately.
  • Manage expenses through Expense tracker.
  • Use Invoices app to send invoices to your clients.
  • Track project status.
  • Track accurate hours spent by an employee on a project with the In/Out mode in timesheet.
  • Manage employees leave through Time Off tracker.
  • Integrate timesheets with Quickbooks and Sage 50 Accounting software.
  • Generate timesheet Reports.
  • Create DCAA compliant timesheets.
  • Access timesheets through Mobile timesheet app.

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Tracking Project Time

Projects List Screen

Projects are jobs done for your customers. Time can be tracked for a particular project, and it helps in estimation and resource allocation for a project. With Project Management, the administrator can get a clear update of the status of the project, the percentage of work done and the amount spent on a project.

Entering Time Details

Check-in and Check-out mode

Users can enter time details in two ways. One is a normal mode where users can manually enter the hours worked for a project along with the details. Second is the In/Out timesheet mode wherein the working hours get automatically calculated with the Check in and Check out system.

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Expense Reporting

Managing expenses for a project

This module helps to keep track of Expenses incurred by an employee working on a project. The expenses cover the cost of travel, fuel, supplies, lodging, food, etc. The reimbursement module helps keep track of employee payments and advances.

Time Off Management

Leave Management

Time Off module keeps track of the paid leaves and accruals for employees. Various categories for leaves can be created, and accruals can be calculated for each category. Reports can be generated to show the total history of employee time off records in all categories.


Billing and Invoicing Software

Invoices in timesheet software ensure proper records of number of the hours spent on a project, task done for a project and project rates. Invoicing will also help to track payments and will give clarity on your bills. With OfficeClip invoices, users can create recurring and non-recurring invoices. Invoices can be created for approved timesheet and expenses from the OfficeClip Timesheet and Expense application, which will ensure receiving payments in time.

Calendar management

Calendar management

Calendar software in HRM displays all the time off's taken by employees in a month. The calendar view in HRM will also show the tasks for a project, events in that particular month, etc. New events can be created using different labels.

Mobile Access

Mobile timesheet List ScreenMobile new timesheet

Tracking time is easy with the OfficeClip Mobile App. This app is helpful when the employees have to work on the client site with no easy way to access the desktop site. The mobile app can be accessed from anywhere which helps them to enter work details at the end of the day. Administrators in the corporate office can track the working hours of employees as well as the work done for a project.

With so many features and applications in a free timesheet, OfficeClip provides options of setting up timesheet on an Installed version (Installed on your computer) or a Hosted version (Setup up an account online). All your workforce will be easily managed with this free timesheet software.

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