Effective Communication – a key to Team work

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Miscommunication or lack of team collaboration is a vital threat for businesses.

Similarly, not conveying proper ideas or information to team members can cause hindrances in the workflow, affecting the business and customer service in the long run.

Miscommunication amongst the team

Like there is a famous quote:

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

Helen Keller

According to a survey, the main reasons for miscommunication are:

  • Lack of effective leadership
  • Unclear objectives
  • Personal differences between employees
  • Lack of usage of proper tools

Let us see the effects of Poor Communication:

How communication affects the workflow:

Communication is the key to productivity and employee efficiency. Without effective communication, the work hierarchy will show negative impacts and consequently affect the work and business.

In addition, if the work related information is not transferred or understood properly, then it is difficult to meet the expectations set by managers.

Team members will be unaware of their tasks and responsibilities:

They need to know what tasks are assigned to them. Without communication or in the absence of any communication tool, team members will not know what projects or tasks they are going to work on.

Lack of accurate information:

While working on any customer’s sales lifecycle, usually, there is an exchange of notes and communication between customers and company employees.

This communication needs to be recorded in one place so that other team members can access it while working on the sales lifecycle. So, a proper tool or team collaboration is a must.

Conflicts amongst team members:

While working on any projects, some people may perform tasks at their convenience resulting to delays in work and affecting further workflow. This may lead to conflicts amongst the team members.

How poor communication will affect business revenues:

All the above effects will result in low productivity and affect employees’ morale as they will not be motivated to work sincerely and will affect their efficiency. This will directly affect the business revenues in the future.

Hence, proper team communication and collaboration are the foundation for businesses. It plays a vital role in achieving organizational goals.

The same goes for the management. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that your team members understand what exactly is expected from them. Effective communication between the management and team members will ensure long-term success for your business.

Open communication between teams and management helps to:

  • Provide solutions to problems and bring more innovations.
  • Improve relations amongst the team members and motivate people to work hard.
  • Reduces conflicts
  • Encourages more discussions and implementation of better planning

Communicate in a respectful manner – don’t just tell your team members what you want, but explain to them why.

Jeffrey Morales

Purpose of Communication:

purpose of communication
  1. Why: To achieve the desired goals
  2. How: By creating proper projects, tasks, and workflow
  3. Who: By allocating these tasks to concerned team members
  4. What: Decide the action plan and strategies to work
  5. When: Create a start date and due dates for tasks to complete work in the given timeline
  6. Where: With adoption of proper tools, and a systematic workflow for team collaboration

How does the OfficeClip Contact Manager play an important role in effective communication?

team collaboration
  1. OfficeClip Contact Manager is a software that will help to improve team collaboration and coordination.
  2. Its centralized database system will help store all your customer data in one place along with the past communication, documents, events, invoices, tasks, follow-up details, issues faced, and much more.
  3. It will help to tag or segment customers and create reports for analysis purposes.
  4. All these customer details can be accessed by teams and management, which will help create transparency and keep everyone updated about the sales lifecycle progress.
  5. It will help create a smooth workflow and help to promote a strong working relationship at all levels.

Communication statistics:


communication statistics

According to David Grossman’s report, “In a survey, which included 400 large companies and 100,00 employees, the cost of poor communication barriers that arise in the workplace stands at $62.4 million per year per company.


To summarize, open communication will help:

  • Find solutions
  • Resolve misunderstandings
  • Avoid confusion
  • Create a positive work environment

See an example of how effectively your team will work as a result of effective communication, and how this unity will help achieve organizational goals.

Like it is said, best work comes out with open communication and ideas between team members.

Effective collaboration has a direct impact on business. It is a key to increasing long-term productivity and an extra step towards progress.

Let us know your thoughts about effective communication.

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