This screen allows you to create a web form that can be placed on your website to allow your visitors to submit issues. Also, it allows you to create a password for your partners so that they can report an issue and track the status of the issue. It is a simple one-click interface for sharing public and private shares.

To use the web forms:

  1. Click Services > Issue Tracker.
  2. From the binder list, click on the binder that you want to use to create the web form.
  3. Click on Web Forms from the top menu and then click New Web Form.

  4. Give a share name and select whether you want to make a Web Link or a Secured Link.

  5. Web link: is a public share, which can be accessible to everyone and required no password.
  6. Secured link: is a secured shared, where users will be able to access this link only after entering the login and password.