Uninstalling OfficeClip

To uninstall OfficeClip from your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs and then select the OfficeClip application. Click the Remove button. However, there will still be other residual software on your computer. Follow the instructions given below to remove all the components:

  • Note: .Net 4.5 is preinstalled in some newer windows machine so it may not be possible to uninstall. Also, this software may be used by other programs in your system so removing this may cause other programs in your system to fail.

  • Sql Server 2008-R2 Express: This can be removed from the Control Panel as explained in the previous step. Note that you must uninstall only the OFFICECLIP9 instance of the Sql Server. Other instances may be present in your machine that is being used by other applications.
  • Installation folder for OfficeClip: The installation folder for OfficeClip can be manually removed. Usually this is at C:\Program Files\OfficeClip\. Note however that the Sql database may be created in a data folder inside this directory. By removing it you may lose all your data.