Verifying Download

You can verify the downloaded files in two ways:

Click on the Verify Checksum on the OfficeClip download screen. It will provide a SHA1 checksum that you can compare with your downloaded file.

Unblocking Executable

OfficeClip executable and signed with the digital certificate. However, the OfficeClip zip file that you download may flag as unsafe by the recent version of the Windows operating system. This causes windows to show smartscreen warning during installation.

Right click on the downloaded zip file and click on Properties, then checkmark the box called Unblock at the bottom and click OK

Checksum Verification

Before installing OfficeClip you are advised to verify the authenticity of the files. This is because sometimes files can be corrupted during download, at other times you may have downloaded a malicious file with the same name from a phishing site. OfficeClip signs the following files with digital certificate:

  • Setup.exe
CAUTION: For your safety you should validate the digital certificate before installing OfficeClip on your computer.
  1. Unzip the downloaded file in a folder. Right click on the Setup.exe file and select Properties.

  2. Click on the Digital Signature Tab and then click on the Details button. If you do not see the Digital Signature Tab then the file may not be genuine. Please see below to download OfficeClip from the correct location.
  3. Under the General Tab make sure that the Digital Signature is shown valid and also verify the Name of the Signer.

Tip: Please note that the digital signature is not 100% fool-proof. Always download OfficeClip files from our download area at: