Select one of the these methods of installing OfficeClip on your machine or private cloud. If you are not sure, select Download OfficeClip (the first option).

Download OfficeClip

  • msi based setup program
  • Installs .net Framework and Sql Server Express Edition
  • After dowloading, unzip and open HOW-TO-INSTALL file
Note: If the file does not download, right click on the link and select 'Save link as...'

Manual Installation

  • Install by manually copying files to the web server
  • .net 4.5.1 framework and sql server express must be pre-installed
  • After dowloading, unzip and open HOW-TO-INSTALL file
Note: If the file does not download, right click on the link and select 'Save link as...'
The file is being downloaded. Unzip it in a folder and open HOW-TO-INSTALL

  • OfficeClip Release Notes - Detailed information on what is included in each release.
  • For New Installation - During installation you will be able to choose between the OfficeClip Enterprise or Standard Edition. The evaluation version of Enterprise edition will be installed with 10 users for 30 days. Additional users can be requested for evaluation via Setting Menu -> Manage License -> Request License. The Standard Edition will be installed for 10 users and there is no time limit.
  • For Upgrade - For windows installer, you can install it over your existing OfficeClp installation. The installation program will identify and upgrade to the new version. For Microsoft Gallery and Manual installation upgrades, download the new manual installation and copy the new files over existing ones. Note: Please check your license limit and always keep a backup of the database and files before upgrade.

System Requirements

Category Minimum Configuration Recommended Configuration
Processor 1 GigaHertz (Ghz) processor Intel 8th generation processors (Intel i3/i5/i7), Core M3-7xxx , Xeon E3-xxxx, and Xeon E5-xxxx processors, AMD 8th generation processors (A Series Ax-9xxx, E-Series Ex-9xxx, FX-9xxx) or higher
Storage 2GB RAM and 100GB Hard Drive 4GB+ RAM with 250GB+ SSD Drive
Operating Systems Windows 10 Desktop OS/ Windows 2008-R2 Server OS Windows 10 Desktop OS/ Windows 2008-R2 or higher Server OS
Web Server Software IIS 7.5 IIS 10+
Database SQL Server 2008-R2 (Express Edition) - Bundled with OfficeClip SQL Server 2012-R2 or higher (Any Edition)
Client Browser IE 11, Edge, Chrome or Safari IE 11, Edge, Chrome or Safari

How to get a permanent license

Upon installation the evaluation software is automatically setup to work for 5 users and 30 days. To request a permanent license, follow the instructions below:

  • Login as the site administrator (usually the person who installed the software).
  • Click on the Settings Toolbar icon and then click on "Manage Site License" (under site management).
  • Click on "Request New License".
  • Follow on screen instructions to copy the license file to the upload folder and run iisreset from command prompt.


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