How to set up a proxy for timesheets?

managing proxy

A proxy is a person giving authority or power to a specific person to act on their behalf. Businesses have a specified workflow or guidelines which everyone needs to follow. In the absence of one … Read more

Timesheet Reports

Timesheet reports

OfficeClip Timesheet Reports will provide you the vital information about the ongoing projects, tasks, employee performance, and work management. It will help identify issues and make the right decisions based on the evaluation. Types of … Read more

Importance of Timesheet Approval

timesheet approval

For every organization, recording and approving work hours for employees is a significant process. There were different methods for recording time in the old days, like using spreadsheets, punch cards, or paper documents. Even today, … Read more

Using In-Out Timesheet

Timesheet is used for recording the amount of time spent by workers on a project. Managing the data on spreadsheets can be complicated, and payroll calculations become a tedious job. So Online Timesheet is the … Read more

DCAA compliance requirements for Timesheet

dcaa compliance

What is DCAA? The Defense Contract Audit Agency(DCAA) is an agency that works for the Department of Defense that performs all the audits and acts as an accounting and financial advisory to the government agencies. … Read more