Timesheet Reports

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OfficeClip Timesheet Reports will provide you the vital information about the ongoing projects, tasks, employee performance, and work management. It will help identify issues and make the right decisions based on the evaluation.

Timesheet reports
Analyze project status with timesheet reports

Types of timesheet reports:

  • DCAA Audits: Provides information about the timesheet audits including history, DCAA audits, changes made to the timesheet.
  • Approval History: It shows all the information about the approvals of the timesheet.
  • Employee Utilization by Task: Shows information about how much time each employee has utilized for each task for a project within a selected date range.
  • Project Budgets and Actuals: Provides information on money spent vs total budget allocated for a project.
  • Timesheet Detail: Provides information on time spent by each employee on various tasks.
  • Task Billing by Projects: Provides information on billing summary for each project and their tasks within a selected date range.
  • Timesheet Summary: Gives an overview of timesheets based on time worked for each project and their tasks.

Highlights of the reports:

  1. Schedule reports: Schedule Reports to send to the users via email at specified times and in a specified format.
  2. Share Reports: Share reports with users or customer portal users via a web link or secured link.
  3. Set Permissions: Administrators can restrict access to some important reports for other users.
  4. Export Reports: Export reports in formats like PDF, Excel, and Word.
  5. Filters: View reports using date range filters.

Configurable Reports:

Users can create customized reports as per their requirements. This report designer will help users to:

  • Select and configure fields
  • Select groups
  • Set permissions for reports
  • Create various filters based on date range, status, projects, tasks, and users.


OfficeClip timesheet reports let you see what your team is working on and where the work hours are spent. Reports will help you identify the areas of strength and weakness while working on a project and take corrective action accordingly.

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