Simple Timesheet Templates to Record Time

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Timesheet Templates

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Remote work is a new reality that has been here to stay for some time. Many people are used to it, while it is difficult for some to follow this trend.

Remote work also needs a proper schedule of work, where you need to prioritize your projects and plan the time slots for various tasks.

For this reason, it is also essential to understand how the working hours are spent on which project and tasks.

OfficeClip has introduced Timesheet Templates to resolve this issue. These templates are available in various formats like Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets.  With the help of these templates, you can record your time, work details, and projects you have worked on.

Different Types of Templates:

The different kinds of templates available are:

  1. Weekly Timesheet Template: This template records work hours weekly.
  2. Bi-Weekly Timesheet Template: This template will record work hours for a period of two weeks.
  3. Monthly Timesheet Template: This template will record work hours for the whole month from 1st to 31st.
  4. Semi-Monthly Timesheet Template(1-15): This template will calculate the work hours from the 1st to the 15th of a month.
  5. Semi-Monthly Timesheet Template(16-31): This template will calculate the work hours from 16th to 31st of a month.

Print, download and customize these free timesheet templates as per your requirement. The Excel and Google sheet templates calculate the work hours automatically.

At the end of the week or month, you will be able to analyze where your time is spent exactly. Also, this will help you to make better estimations for the next week or month.

Businesses, Freelancers, different sectors like healthcare, construction, marketing, etc can use these templates.

Limitations of using a template:

Using templates has its limitations:

  • The users have to download and fill up all the data manually which takes time.
  • Downloaded templates have a chance of getting misplaced.
  • For approval purposes, users will have to email the templates. If the organization size is large, then it may clutter the inbox of the approver.
  • There are chances of inaccuracies in the filled-up data.
  • It becomes challenging to manage, organize and store all the user’s time entry and work details.

OfficeClip Free Timesheet Software:

Instead of using templates, using an online timesheet software will organize all your user’s data in one place. OfficeClip Timesheet offers many features that will manage all your employees’ time and organize project management.

A few features of OfficeClip Timesheet software are:

  1. Check-in Check-out time entry
  2. Creating a three-level workflow routing for approving timesheets
  3. DCAA compliant timesheets
  4. Adding attachments to a timesheet
  5. Proxy data entry
  6. Integration with Quickbooks and ADP payroll system
  7. View edits made to a timesheet through timesheet history
  8. Create reports to analyze project status

To learn more about OfficeClip Timesheet,  Sign up now to OfficeClip for free.