Share This Calendar

We have modified our appointment sharing module to make it easier to share calendar and allowing your customers to book appointments from your website.

To book appointments:

  • Click on the Share button on the Calendar list screen.

    calendar share

  • Enter the share name and click Next.

  • Enter the appointment details like the duration, information, time and the email address for requesting an appointment and click Save.

  • On the next screen you will see the links. The first link will show the shared calendar and the second link will allow your clients to request appointments.

  • Copy and paste the second link into a browser to fix an appointment.

  • An appointment request form will appear, fill up the details and click on Submit. This means that your request has been sent successfully.

  • The user will receive the mail for request of an appointment, click on Add to Calendar and Send the confirmation email.

  • You will receive the confirmation of your appointment, and you will also be able to see the appointment appear in your OfficeClip calendar.