Shared Calendar

The Calendar allows you to share calendar items with Extranet users, who have limited access to OfficeClip. You control from this screen only shared Calendar Items, making it easy to manage and make changes.

  1. To view and make changes to the Shared Items, click the Shared Calendar button from the button bar.

    calendar new share

  2. You can now see all items, from this application, that are in the Extranet list. From here, you can Deactivate any of these items, meaning they still exist (are not deleted) but are no longer visible to Extranet users. If an item has been Deactivated, you can click Activate to turn it back on again.

  3. If you want to delete one or many shared items completely, click the item so the checkbox is checked and click Remove.

  4. To edit the item click the icon in the actions column.

  5. To manage each item, just click on it. You can view the details of the appointment or make changes to it. To learn more details on how to create an appointment, click here.