Searching Expenses

This function allows searching individual timesheets from the system.

Individual Expense Search: Allows the user to search expense in the system.

To search Expenses:

  • Click HRM > Expense > Search.

  • Click on the Individual Expense Search link.

  • Select the Date range and checkmark the Users and click Continue.

    expenses search

  • You will see all the details of the Individual Expense Search.

  • To view the expense details, click on the icon.

OfficeClip supports different levels of privileges:

  • Administrators: OfficeClip administrators have full access to all data in the organization. They can search all expenses in the system.

  • Approvers: These users are given the privilege to approve expenses for a group of users. They can only search their own expenses and the ones they have approved.

  • Normal users: They can only search their own expenses.