What is Outcome-based software development?

Product Development

Reading Time: 5 minutes Free: Outcome-based design template. This article describes how Outcome-based software development can provide the desired result for all the stakeholders compared to the traditional feature-based product development. With this methodology, the designer focuses on how … Read more

How to Set Custom Fields in OfficeClip Timesheet

How to Set Custom Fields in OfficeClip Timesheet

Reading Time: < 1 minute Often organizations want to capture more information on the timesheet than is supplied by the application. We have created three types of custom fields for this purpose: Timesheet Level: These fields are valid for the … Read more

Simple Timesheet Templates to Record Time

Simple Timesheet Templates to Record Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Free: Timesheet Templates Remote work is a new reality that has been here to stay for some time. Many people are used to it, while it is difficult for some to follow this trend. Remote … Read more

Free SMTP Clients for OfficeClip

Free SMTP Clients for OfficeClip

Reading Time: 2 minutes OfficeClip depends on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send notification messages out of OfficeClip. In the hosted version of OfficeClip, the SMTP is provided by the OfficeClip software and no settings are necessary. In … Read more

Efficiently Working from Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the previous article, we talked about communications, mindset, and tools for working from home. Here we will talk about another way on how to work remotely and be efficient. Work like a Freelancer Freelancers work … Read more

Managing Work from Home during lockdown

Reading Time: 8 minutes With the Coronavirus outbreak mostly all the organizations have asked their employees to work from home. Work from home can be highly productive but it can also go wrong. Without the proper work environment and … Read more

Importance of Timesheet Approval

timesheet approval

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recording and approving work hours for employees is a significant process for every organization. Previously, people used old school methods like spreadsheets, punch cards, or paper documents. But these methods had their own disadvantages and … Read more

Using In-Out Timesheet

Reading Time: < 1 minute Timesheet is used for recording the amount of time spent by workers on a project. Managing the data on spreadsheets can be complicated, and payroll calculations become a tedious job. So Online Timesheet is the … Read more

OfficeClip Release 10.9.2

Reading Time: 2 minutes   OfficeClip Release 10.9.2   For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.9.2 we have fixed numerous bugs and created … Read more

Accessing Web Application Outside Your Firewall

Reading Time: 2 minutes Many small business clients ask us how to access OfficeClip from their mobile device when it is installed within their firewall. This article will discuss some of the ways how this can be achieved. [more] You … Read more

New! OfficeClip Release 10.8.5

Reading Time: 2 minutes This release took us a while and we have made a few important changes and lots of fixes here: Added IMAP to Emails Improved History and Activity Streaming Notification Changed the way Payment Processing is … Read more