OfficeClip Release 10.9.2

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OfficeClip Release 10.9.2


For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.9.2 we have fixed numerous bugs and created a few enhancements:

  1. Enhancement: Issue Tracker: public share -> Issue Tracker > View Issue -> Share, was not showing the share 
  2. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar > was not saving attachments 
  3. Bug Fix: Calendar: Calendar — Recurring events was not showing in the list screen 
  4. Bug Fix: Contacts: Contacts > Currency field > Validation issue (passed when 0.00 and failed when it is 0)  
  5. Bug Fix: Email: Email: Draft emails should open in edit mode with To address populated 
  6. Bug Fix: Invoices: Invoices > Billing – While importing timesheet it was giving yellow screen error  
  7. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker Share link was not working without session 
  8. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Issue tracker > share > copy to clipboard – while replying it was giving yellow screen error 
  9. Bug Fix: General: History/Notification window was showing half and unable to close it as the close button was not visible 
  10. Bug Fix: Time Off : Time off request created was showing as event created in notifications  
  11. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Check-In/Out was coming on different lines for mobile 
  12. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet check in check out issue 
  13. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet – if check out time is 12.15pm or 12.30pm it was not calculating the correct time 
  14. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet summary report was not showing the check-in check-out time, showing only dates 
  15. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >> Check in / out >> not enabling check in for rejected timesheet of the week  
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheets >. Reports should show only time for check in / out  
  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Timesheet – While showing a warning or error the total column was empty  
  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Cannot back out from the check in process in timesheet  
  19. Bug Fix: Users: Cannot remove user from the site 

What we are doing next

Our 2020 roadmap is based on what feedback we received in 2019 and before. You, with your input, can steer our development effort to a new direction.

Watch our blog for new announcements regarding out 2020 roadmap

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