OfficeClip New Release 10.4.17

We have a new version of OfficeClip for you. It combines two previous versions. Here are the release notes: [more] 10.4.17 – Jun 21 2016 Bug Fix: Emails: Not downloading in the background SD1476(10.x Release) … Read more

New! OfficeClip Release 10.4

This is a major release after about 5 months. We fixed more than 150 issues and made lots of enhancements to OfficeClip. This article discusses the enhancements we made in various applications of OfficeClip: [more] … Read more

OfficeClip New Release 10.3.49

We have finally released the new version 10.3.49! Thank you for your patience. Following are a partial list of things done in this release: CRM – Redesigned Google Sync with new API CRM – Tags … Read more

What is new in OfficeClip 10.2

For the past few months we have been working hard in making OfficeClip more usable to our users. In the new release 10.2.1 we have fixed numerous bugs and created many enhancements. Most of these … Read more

OfficeClip 10 – Updated with New Enhancements

OfficeClip Release 10.1 Welcome to the major release of OfficeClip. In this release we have closed more than 100 issues and also did numerous enhancements. The most important enhancements are given below: See full release … Read more

New Features in OfficeClip Release 9.3

In this release we have made more than 50 enhancements in various OfficeClip applications and have resolved close to 100 issues. The most important enhancements are given below: Contact Manager / CRM Enhancements Improved Outlook … Read more

OfficeClip Release 8.2.5

  Thank you for your patience and feedback, we are now in 8.2.5. Here is the summary: Enhancements on Invoices Use Microsoft Word® to create and send campaigns Tags are more visible and useful Ability to … Read more

Changes in Release 8.2.3

We have introduced major changes to this new OfficeClip release. We thank everyone who has given us feedback on the features implemented in this release. Following are the highlights: Implementation of Tags and Tag Groups … Read more

Introducing the Newest Version of OfficeClip

OfficeClip 8.1.1 Release We have been working hard to improve our software and we are excited to introduce some great new features with the release of OfficeClip 8.1.1! OfficeClip Interface In this release, OfficeClip has … Read more