New! OfficeClip Release 10.4

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is a major release after about 5 months. We fixed more than 150 issues and made lots of enhancements to OfficeClip. This article discusses the enhancements we made in various applications of OfficeClip:


1. New History Module
Helps keeping track of what your team is working on at many levels.The history icon is at the top right of every page. Depending on where you are, you can see different levels of details on the history. For example, if you are in the Contact Details screen, it will show history of all changes made to that contact only. On the contact list screen, you will see the history of changes to all the contacts to which you have access. At the organization level, you will see the history of all the changes made within the system that includes contacts, customers, timesheet etc.
2. Go-to Actions
OfficeClip sends notification emails to the users. When these are opened in Gmail or inbox, the list screen will show button to take action within the email in OfficeClip.
3. Initials on the picture icon
When the user’s picture is not uploaded to OfficeClip, the initials of the user will be shown on the top right of the login screen..
4. New Bootstrap Skin
We have added an experimental skin called Bootstrap that provides a clean look and feel. To change skin, click on your picture box on the top right of any screen and select the skin.
5. Share Document with your Customers
Document sharing module now allows you to share document with password protection and expiration date. This makes it easier to send documents to your customers via email.
6. Allow your Customers to book Appointments online
We have modified our appointment sharing module to make it easier to share calendar and allowing your customers to book appointments from your website.
7. Printing Avery Labels for OfficeClip Contacts
Allows you to print labels from OfficeClip CRM using Avery Print and Design Online.
8. Proxy for Expenses
Proxy feature in Time Sheet allows users to enter time for someone else. In this release we have implemented proxy for expenses.We would like to thank our customer Roxie M for this suggestion.
9. Email capture now shows status
In OfficeClip Issue Tracker, you can capture issues from your pop email account directly to the issue binder. This enables you to designate an email address like support @ and have your customers send issues via email.We have added a status line which to show when OfficeClip captured emails from your pop account and if there are any issues with it. Common issues are incorrect pop account server address and wrong password.
10. Binder creation help
Based on request from a customer we are adding field type browser in the new binder screen of Issue Tracker. Thanks to Steve P for this suggestion.