What is in OfficeClip New Release 10.6.4

Reading Time: < 1 minute

We made many user interface changes in this release and also added some new

Changes to the OfficeClip UI and Skins

The entire OfficeClip UI has been modified to make it more usable and
modern. All the icon images have been replaced by the font icons. Spacing has been
increased between various UI elements. In addition, the OfficeClip interface has been
made responsive. This means that it can be used in the modern mobile devices as is.

In addition, a total of 18 different skins has been modified to change
the theme associated with those skins. Some of the skins (e,g, Metro Touch) has been
optimized to make it work better on touch devices.

In/Out Timesheet

Many of you had requested us to include the ability to add employee
check-in and check-out times in the timesheet. In this release, users will be able to
add in, out and break times for each day.

In addition to this, these times can be seen in the timesheet preview and
in the reports.

Mobile Design Changes

OfficeClip Mobile interfaces for iOS and Android has
also gone through many design changes. Google Material Design has been adopted in all
the screens. We have also extended the features of the application by adding more