OfficeClip New Release 10.4.17

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We have a new version of OfficeClip for you. It combines two previous versions. Here are the release notes:


10.4.17 – Jun 21 2016

  1. Bug Fix: Emails: Not downloading in the background SD1476(10.x Release)
  2. Bug Fix: Emails: Account was not showing 1474(10.x Release)

10.4.16 – Jun 01 2016

  1. Bug Fix: CRM: Contacts disappeared after selecting ‘Starred Contacts’ filter ME1007 (Support Tickets)
  2. Bug Fix: CRM: Opportunites > export – CSV filtered opportunities box was a bit messed up DK1400(10.x Release)
  3. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Service >> New Binder >> Email Capture >> After setup successfully >> again opening email capture yellow screen error was coming NR1454(10.x Release)
  4. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: New Binder >> Patient Tracking Type selected >> and then created the issue, the issue Patient Id and Disease was not showing in the list screen] NR1463(10.x Release)
  5. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Opening an Email Captured binder >> giving yellow screen error NR1460(10.x Release)
  6. Bug Fix: Issue Tracker: Improved the Issue Tracker filter screen look and feel SD1466(10.x Release)
  7. Bug Fix: General: First History Notification was sending to user from the period when they joined officeclip (instead send notifications from the date when the 10.4.14 upgraded)
  8. Bug Fix: General: Desktop >> Users >> in some cases trying to delete an user >> was giving an yellow screen error and the user was not deleting
  9. Bug Fix: General: After doing sync, Google Login (from login page gave error) SD1457(10.x Release)
  10. Bug Fix: General: Shared Report was showing filters regardless of user permission] SP0976(Support Tickets)
  11. Bug Fix: General: New note was not saving as a private note NR1459(10.x Release)
  12. Bug Fix: General: Changing secured link to web link in extranet does not really changes it SD1470(10.x Release)
  13. Bug Fix: General: Shared report not showing proper icons SD1471(10.x Release)
  14. Bug Fix: Invoice: Send email – when we send an invoice to user and if any body or description is added below view invoice, it was not showing that description to the user. DK1448(10.x Release)
  15. Bug Fix: Settings: New user registration failed in some cases SD1475(10.x Release)
  16. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Setup Wizard – Project screen was giving yellow error IK1423(10.x Release)
  17. Bug Fix: Timesheet: Incorrect Report showing for Timesheet FH1469(10.x Release)
  18. Bug Fix: Timesheet: In some cases duplicate timesheets are created for same time period BR1029(Support Tickets)
If you are using OfficeClip cloud version, it is already upgraded for you. If you are using the installed version of OfficeClip, you can go here to download the latest version.