How OfficeClip helps to track time for Tasks?

Managing time with tasks

Reading Time: 3 minutes OfficeClip has introduced an advanced track time feature for its Task manager. Tracking time for each task will help the employee give an insight into how effective they are while at work and will help … Read more

Working with the new task manager

task management

Reading Time: 2 minutes The task application can create tasks for customer projects and connect them to other entities like contacts, accounts,  issue tracker, etc. The updated application allows you to make your workflow even effortless. In addition to … Read more

Timesheets – Everything you need to know!

Time Tracking

Reading Time: 4 minutes What are Timesheets? Timesheets are a tool to record and keep track of your work time. Previously, employees recorded work hours on paper-based timesheets or a spreadsheet. But with changing times, people record time using … Read more

Timesheet Reports

Timesheet reports

Reading Time: 2 minutes OfficeClip Timesheet Reports will provide you the vital information about the ongoing projects, tasks, employee performance, and work management. It will help identify issues and make the right decisions based on the evaluation. Types of … Read more

Understanding Marketing Automation Rules

Marketing Automation

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rules in CRM and Timesheet helps to set up conditional functionalities for various fields. The rules will help set up a condition for a particular field that will trigger another field based on the condition.. … Read more

How to overcome the challenges of remote work?

Reading Time: 8 minutes As COVID-19 hit, things transformed overnight. The pandemic changed the situation at home and in the workplace. It changed the pace and working of all the businesses. The necessity of working remotely has become more … Read more

Simple Timesheet Templates to Record Time

Simple Timesheet Templates to Record Time

Reading Time: 2 minutes Free: Timesheet Templates Remote work is a new reality that has been here to stay for some time. Many people are used to it, while it is difficult for some to follow this trend. Remote … Read more

Importance of Timesheet Approval

timesheet approval

Reading Time: 5 minutes Recording and approving work hours for employees is a significant process for every organization. Previously, people used old school methods like spreadsheets, punch cards, or paper documents. But these methods had their own disadvantages and … Read more

DCAA compliance requirements for Timesheet

dcaa compliance

Reading Time: 5 minutes What is DCAA? The Defense Contract Audit Agency(DCAA) is an agency that works for the Department of Defense that performs all the audits and acts as an accounting and financial advisory to the government agencies. … Read more