Understanding Marketing Automation Rules

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Rules in CRM and Timesheet helps to set up conditional functionalities for various fields.

Marketing Automation
Setting Rules

The rules will help set up a condition for a particular field that will trigger another field based on the condition.. This execution of rules will help to automate few CRM and Timesheet processes.

Three types of rules in CRM:

  1. On-Screen rules: will change the value of one field based on the value of the other field entered.
  2. Workflow rules: will allow automating certain actions based on an event. This rule is useful in marketing automation.
  3. Access rules: will allow restricting access to some users for performing certain actions like Read, Write, Related Data, and Delete.

Rules in Timesheet will allow checking certain conditions like:

  1. Total hours entered in timesheet
  2. Total hours worked in a day.
  3. Checking if any columns are left empty
  4. Restricting negative time entry for a timesheet

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Setting up rules will improve your work efficiency and save the users from a lot of manual tasks.

With rules, your system will take care of automated things and let your employees focus on other important tasks.