Working with the new task manager

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The task application can create tasks for customer projects and connect them to other entities like contacts, accounts,  issue tracker, etc.

task management
Task Management

The updated application allows you to make your workflow even effortless. In addition to the usual task features like Due date, Task Assignment, Status, Recurrence, you can now:

  1. Track Time using a Timer
  2. Create Subtasks
  3. Create estimates and compare them with the time spent
  4. Add to the timesheet

Track Time using a Timer

Use a timer when you start working on a task. When the task ends, stop the timer, and the time gets recorded as the duration of the task. In addition, if you enable the check-in/check-out feature for the timesheet, it will record this information along with the task in the timesheet.

Timer in Task
Fig: Starting Timer in a task

Create Subtasks

For every task, you can create subtasks that you can assign to individual users.

Fig: Adding Subtasks

Create Estimates and Compare with Time Spent

For each task you can create an estimate, the first estimate is kept separate so that it can be compared with the final estimate.

Fig: Compare Estimate and Time Spent

Add to the timesheet

If you are using the timesheet application, the task information can directly be entered into the timesheet.

Fig: Add to Timesheet