Setting up Expense Profiles

Each organization can set up and customize the expense properties according to the organizational requirements.

To modify various items within the expense sheet:

  • Click HRM > Expense > Admin > Profiles

Select the options according to your preference from the specified drop-down lists for the following characteristics:


expenses profile layout

  • No. of Rows in Expense Report: The number of rows that are shown in the expense report.

  • Show row and column totals for expense: An option to see the row and column totals on the input and edit screens of expense sheet.

  • Expense Header: The text that appears at the top of the expense report.

  • Expense Footer: The text that appears at the bottom of the expense report.


expenses profile features

  • Allows the user to approve their own expense report: If set to manual workflow, users will be able to approve their own expenses.

  • Show detail link on weekly expense report: An option to show the detail hyperlink on the weekly expense report.

  • Allow external file upload: An option to allow file or image attachment on the weekly expense report.

  • Cost Per Mile: The cost per mile mentioned here is used for calculating the mileage amount when filling up mileage on the expense report.


expenses profile functions

  • Expense Start Day: The day which appears on the first column of a weekly expense.

  • Number of forward periods: The number of starting dates a user will be able to choose to create a new expense report.

  • Number of backward periods: The number of past dates a user will be able to choose to create a new expense report.

  • Enable Bulk Approve: Allows bulk approval of user's expense reports.

  • Enable Auto Approve: Skips the approval process for certain users and marks the expenses as approved as soon as it is submitted.

  • Allow Proxy Data Entry: Allows administrators to enter expenses on behalf of others.

  • Show Reimbursements Screen to Administrators: An option to show the reimbursement processing screen to the administrator.

Click Save to save all the changes.

Click Save & Next to save the changes and go to the next Admin screen.

To go back to the Expenses list screen, click on the Back to List button.