Update User Profile

This section relates to managing the people within an organization and gives the administrator access to change and update a user's information.

To modify user information:

  1. Click HRM > TimeOff > Users.

    timesheet manage user

  2. User details contains various fields.

    • General: This section contains fields with the first name, last name, email, address, organization etc.

    • Phone: This contains all the work and home phone numbers, as well as the mobile and fax numbers.

    • Address: This contains the home and work address details.

    • Other: This section has the birth date details, homepage URL, notes.

    • Custom: This section contains the user custom fields.

    • Payroll: This section contains the employee id, joining date, payroll start date. This is basically configuring the pay period.

  3. Click Save to save all the changes.

  4. To go back to the Time Off list screen, click on the icon.