The billing interface allow the users to create invoices from Timesheet and Expenses items which the users create within OfficeClip.

To start the billing wizard:

  1. Click on the CRM (or HRM) from the left menu and then click on the Invoices application.
  2. Click on Billing from the top menu within the Invoices application.
  3. You will see a Welcome screen. Click on the Next button.

  4. From the General Settings, select the accounts from the For option, select Type (i.e., applications), from the dropdown. Select the period for which you want to create an invoice by selecting the dates in the Period section. To add Available Users in the selected users column, select a user and click on the icon. It will move your selection to the right side. You can also press Ctrl key and select multiple users and click on the icon to move the selection to the right column. By clicking on the icon, you can move all the users at once in the right column selection. Click Next when finished.

    invoice billing items

  5. In Import to Invoice, checkmark the appropriate items to create an invoice. To change applicable rates for an invoice, click on the Change Rates button. To learn more about applying billing rates, click here. Click Next.

  6. Finally, select the type of invoice from the format that you want to create and click Finish.

  7. After clicking on the Finish, the user can see the invoice generated. You can change the format of the invoice by clicking on the Edit invoice button.